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Where is the best place to Windsurf in Sardinia?

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Where can I windsurf in Sardinia? The 10 best locations

Windsurfing in Sardinia is very easy and there are many places where to practice this sport because Sardinia is an island that lends itself very much to windsurfing as well as other numerous water sports.

The combination of winds such as Mistral and Sirocco, crystal clear waters and incredible natural landscapes make Sardinia one of the most popular destinations in the world for windsurfing.

In a future article we will look a little into the history of this sport in Sardinia, its evolution and the 2 main boards used in water; today, however, we want to explore the ten best places to windsurf in Sardinia.

So, get comfortable, and let’s start to discover the best 10 places to windsurf in Sardinia!

The 10 best locations in Sardinia for windsurfing

At all the locations we recommend for you to practice Windsurfing in Sardinia, there are present high-level schools, where you can either learn to windsurf or hire equipment if you are already an expert.

There are no skills or requirements to start the sport but at the end of the course you can achieve excellent skills such as balance and safe movements on board, interpretation of weather signals, posture position on board and change of direction with relative adjustment of the sail.

1. Porto Pollo

Porto Pollo is perhaps the most famous place to practice Windsurfing in Sardinia. Shortly after Palau in the direction of Santa Teresa Gallura, on the right there is the road that leads to the entrance of this oasis where you can practice not only windsurfing but also other water sports. Why Porto Pollo is so great for practicing windsurfing, is because there is a strip of sand with a beach on both sides with shallow waters, so it’s also a great place for children to learn.

Here there is an excellent Sports Center affiliated to the Italian Sailing Federation, and you can also rent equipment and there are changing rooms, hot showers and storage for customers’ materials. The group lessons are inclusive of wetsuit, life jacket, board, sail and inflatable boat assistance.


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2. Porto Rotondo

From Porto Pollo we can go further south east and go to Porto Rotondo, a few kilometers north of Olbia. In one of the most beautiful and evocative bays of Sardinia, which is the Gulf of Marinella, there is an incredible environment where you can practice windsurfing. Here you can either rent the equipment or leave your own for storage. They can teach both beginners and children alike, but even the most experienced can enjoy this spectacular beach that is set in a unique setting with clear and heavenly waters, yachts in the background especially in the summer and basque in the glorious nature of Gallura.

3. Orosei

Further south of Porto Rotondo on the same eastern Sardinian coast we arrive at Orosei and here we are going to discover a wilder and more uncontaminated tourism.

In Orosei, you will need to make your way to Cala Liberotto, which is found between Orosei and Capo Comino, the most eastern point of Sardinia. Here the bay is of emerald color, the sand is golden and the rocks are clear from where there is a Mediterranean vegetation composed of dwarf palms, myrtle and prickly pears. They have been teaching courses here for the past 5 years, and the activities are obviously carried out in total safety. Without a doubt one of the best windsurfing sites in Sardinia.

4. Costa Rei

Leaving the center of Sardinia and heading towards the South East, we suggest a location that is located between Costa Rei and Villasimius and is called Cala Sinzias. Here the south-east coast is a very long stretch of white and very fine sand. The natural setting is enchanting and Cala Sinzias is 2 kilometers long with a clear sea inhabited by “Legambiente” –  among the purest in Sardinia.

Imagine how beautiful it would be, windsurfing in this sea, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful coastal stretches of Sardinia. Here from July 1 to September 10 windsurf courses are available for children and adults articulated on various levels.

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5. Cagliari

Moving from Costa Rei and Villasimius to the west you get to Cagliari, the largest city as well as the island’s capital.

Here we leave the long uncontaminated coast to go to the city, in particular ”Poetto”, a town with 8 kilometers of beach where you can find everything: from sports to bathing facilities, from relaxation to aperitifs, from restaurants to accommodation facilities. The enviroment here is unique, and the regatta area is only a few hundred meters from the shore. The wind here never fails and it will be exciting to set sail with the Sella del Diavolo side. In the evening the beach lends itself a lot to bbq’s and parties.


6. Chia

Going south about fifty kilometers from Cagliari we arrive at Chia, one of the most famous seaside resorts without a doubt.

Thanks to the constant wind, especially the sirocco that dominates throughout the summer, Chia is one of the most popular destinations for water sports lovers and has been re-named the southern capital of windsurfing.

Here, among all the beaches, we choose the beautiful Su Giudeu. Qualified instructors, courses for all levels starting from 6 years old, where everything is taught – from the explanation of the equipment to improve the sailinging speeds.


7. Putzu Idu

From Chia we go back to the center of the island but this time from the west side and we get to Putzu Idu where we find the famous Capo Mannu, destination for the experts of windsurfing because of its large and powerful waves. Here you really need to be prepared because the waves can push you into the rocky planks so it is important to have quick reflexes in order not to damage the equipment (or yourself of course!). The small bay is exposed to the open sea and if the wind is too strong, no problem, you move a few hundred meters to Mini Capo where the waves are kinder.

Worth noting here is the first edition of the Surf Festival on 14 and 15 October just south of Putzu Idu, in the municipality of San Vero Milis.


8. Alghero

From the Center West we always go up the North side up to Alghero, the “Sardinian Barcelona”.

Here we are spoiled for choice of beaches for windsurfing: from the Bombarde Beach to Porto Ferro up to the Mugoni beach.

We recommend Porto Ferro, technically in the Municipality of Sassari but still very close to Alghero and its airport. If Capo Mannu is the best spot for the most experienced windsurfers, here is a good spot for those who still have a lot to learn. In fact, the west winds allow you to get out safely even with the flat sea, an ideal condition to approach this sport. Obviously we must pay attention to the currents. The beach of Porto Ferro is almost 2 kilometers long, it is sandy and has ample parking, ideal for those who venture even with campers.


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9. Stintino

Continuing to go up from Alghero, an hours drive takes us to Stintino. We abandon the wild west coast to return to the North and find ourselves facing the island of Asinara. A Few kilometers further south of the Pelosa beach we find the ideal conditions for practicing windsurfing thanks to the conformation of this basin of water with calm and crystalline waters. There is a windsurfing school here that’s been open for more than 30 years, and is happy to welcome both beginners and experts..

10. Isola Rossa

From Stintino continue Eastwards to reach the “Isola Rossa (the red island)” where we have one of the most suitable beaches as well as the most popular windsurfing destinations: the Marinella Beach. One of the most sought after because this bay receives storms from both the mistral and the west and is one of the beaches with the highest percentage of surfable waves in the Mediterranean.

Qualified instructors are also available for beginners and courses for all ages from 5 years and up.


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