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Top 10 Beaches In Sardinia

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10 Of the Best Beaches in Sardinia

(according to Villas Sardinia Italy that is!)

One fantastic feature that makes Italy a favorite of many tourists is the presence of an avalanche of beaches. But among the beautiful beaches in the country, Italians – and even regular visitors – admit that those beaches in Sardinia are particularly unique and soothing.
With their air of exclusivity and sculptural rocks bordering them, beaches in Sardinia are a beauty to behold. The pure snow-white beaches are the reasons why Sardinia is often likened to the Caribbean.
Sardinia beaches offer variety and indulgence but before you get spoilt for choice, here are the top 10 beaches in Sardinia you should visit.


La Pelosa beach Stintino Italy - Villa Rental Sardinia

#1 La Pelosa beach – Stintino

La Pelosa is a rare paradise of beauty sitting in the heart of the Mediterranean. Located in the Gulf of Asinara, the La Pelosa beach is not only one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, but entire Europe. When thin sand and low backwater meets, what you have is shallow water as seen in La Pelosa. Right opposite of the beach is an Aragonese tower dating as far back as the 15th century. This tower is the symbol of Pelosa and can be reached on foot after crossing the Pelosetta cove. This beach is said to have derived its name La Pelosa (the hairy) from the presence of sea straw in the area.


Porto Istano - Villa Rental Sardinia

#2 Porto Istana beach – Olbia

It is only a few distances away from Porto Sao Paolo in the Murta Maria area of Olbia. Porto Istana is a four-section beach separated by small rock bands. This beach has fine and white sand with deep blue water which is suitable for bathing- especially kids – if you’re visiting with them of course.
Comfortably sitting in the front of the Tavolara Island, Porto Istana, is a top destination for many surfers and divers as well.


porto giunco beach - Villa Rental Sardinia

#3 Porto Giunco beach – Villasimius

The Porto Giunco beach is a short distance from Villasimius town – just 45km from Cagliari. The beach is so clear that you’d think you’re on the Caribbean beach. The waters are light blue, but the sand is white and thin. The unbeatable scenery of this beach makes it attractive to many tourists. Also present in the area is the Notteri pond where there are plenty specimens of pink flamingos to admire.


su giudeu beach - Villa Rental Sardinia

#4 Su Giudeu beach – Chia

This beach is only 2km from Chia. The length, fine sand, and deep blue water make it one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. Also, high dunes surround Su Giudeu beach. When you look at the right side, you’ll see the Su Giudeu’s isle which is heavy rock. When you walk your way to the top of the isle, you can bask in the serenity of the coast of Chia.


spiaggia di tuerredda - Villa Rental Sardinia

#5 Tuerredda beach – Teulada

Located on the south coast and about 60km from Cagliari, Tuerredda is one of the most appreciated beaches in Sardinia. The area features a prominent creek that overlooks a colorful sea with a varying shade of blue which makes it look similar to the Caribbean beaches. When you visit the beach with your family, you get to have fun on the fine and candy sand or the moderately deep waters. Also present in this area is a small tower about 100 meters away from the beach.


Spiaggia del Principe Costa Smeralda - Villa Rental Sardinia

#6 Spiaggia del Principe – Arzachena

No doubt, Principe remains one of the most exciting beaches in the Costa Smeralda region. The beach has fine sand surrounded by rocks bordering the Mediterranean scrub. The color of this sea is clearly visible due to the backdrop of sand and granite present.
The sea is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, and that’s why celebrities come in the hundreds to have a good time. It was named after Prince Aga Khan who was a frequenter of the sea corner.


santa giusta beach - Villa Rental Sardinia

#7 Santa Giusta beach – Costa Rei

The Santa Giusta beach is characterized by the presence of colossal granite rock right on the side of the coast. The temperature of the water is cool, and the texture is mild hence making it the beach natural. If you’re visiting Italy and staying in one of the rental villas in Castiadas, then you definitely visit the Santa Giusta beach. You’ll be glad you did.


Cala Brandinchi - Villa Rental Sardinia

#8 Cala Brandinchi – San Teodoro

This beach is the loveliest among all beaches in San Teodoro. It is popularly called “Little Tahiti,” and indeed, it does really live up to that hype. With the crystalline turquoise waters and the thin soft arc of sand, the beach is surrounded by fine pine woods. The sight is even made more intense by the exciting colors of the sea similar to those of Polynesia.


porto molentis - Villa Rental Sardinia

#9 Porto Molentis – Villasimius

Molentis beach is situated on the south-east coast between Costa Rei and Villasimius. Small pink streak in the shore and fine, candy sand characterize the beach. The crystalline sea is a beauty to behold with its intense shades of colors ranging from turquoise blue to emerald green. Also, the beach is fairly sheltered by wind and surrounded by florid Mediterranean scrub. Porto Molentis is a site to visit if you admire the panorama of sea waves.


cala goloritze - Villa Rental Sardinia

#10 Cala Goloritzè – Bauneiù

Located north of Arbatax after Capo Monte Santo, this beach is in the South of the Gulf of Orosei. If you seek to visit this beach, you can connect via two routes; by car or by sea. If you don’t want to take your vehicle, you could trek if you’re coming from Su Porteddu. From Su Porteddu, you could connect to Cala Luna, and then Cala Goloritze. The water in the beach is ultra-transparent and has a backdrop of 30 meters. The beach is absolutely pure and looks amazing.


Are you seeking to visit Italy or specifically, Sardinia, anytime soon? Don’t spend all of your vacation time in the luxury rental villa that you have secured for yourself. Visit some of the beaches highlighted in the piece to enjoy a sun-filled and water-filled experience.

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