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Novels Set in Sardinia

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Novels set in Sardinia

Sardinia, with its captivating landscapes and rich cultural heritage, has long been a source of inspiration for writers and storytellers. From epic family sagas to tales of love and mystery, the island’s unique charm has been beautifully captured in various novels. In this article, we will embark on a literary journey through Sardinia’s diverse narratives, discovering novels set in Sardinia and gaining deeper insights into the island’s history, culture, and people.

1.Bloodlines: A Poetic Tapestry of Sardinian Life

Marcello Fois’Bloodlines, translated by Silvester Mazzarella, weaves a tapestry of Sardinian life, taking readers on an epic journey through time. Set in the town of Nuoro in central eastern Sardinia, the story follows the Chironi family from the late 19th century to the tumultuous years of World War II. Fois’ lyrical prose and Mazzarella’s skillful translation bring the island’s landscapes and characters to life, creating a vivid portrayal of Sardinia’s past.


The novel delves into the lives of Michele Angelo, a blacksmith who builds a successful business, and his wife, Mercede. The couple faces numerous challenges, including the loss of their stillborn children and the tragic murder of their twin sons. Against the backdrop of two world wars and the rise of fascism, Fois masterfully juxtaposes the major historical events with the intimate lives of the townspeople. This stark contrast highlights the impact of global events on local communities and the sacrifices made by the sons of the town who fought in distant wars.

Bloodlines is a testament to the power of language, both in its original Italian and its translated English form. Fois’ poetic descriptions of Sardinia’s landscapes and the characters’ inner emotions linger in the reader’s mind long after the final page. It is a must-read for anyone seeking a deep understanding of Sardinian history and the resilience of its people. Get it here.

2.In Sardegna non c ‘e il mare: Unconventional Itineraries in Barbagia

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Marcello Fois’In Sardegna non c ‘e il mare explores the enigmatic land of Barbagia, a region tucked away in the mountains of Sardinia. Fois paints a vivid picture of this cold and isolated area, contrasting it with the vibrant coastal life that attracts mass tourism. The novel’s protagonist embarks on a journey through Barbagia, uncovering its hidden treasures and unraveling the secrets of the island’s heart.

The book offers a glimpse into the unconventional itineraries and non-touristy paths that reveal the true essence of Sardinia. As readers follow the protagonist’s footsteps, they are transported to a world far removed from the typical postcard images. To truly immerse yourself in the Barbagia experience, consider staying at the charming Hotel Su Gologone, where you can embrace the region’s unique ambiance and connect with the local culture. Get it here

3. Accabadora: A Mysterious Tale of Life and Death

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Michela Murgia’s Accabadora delves into the intriguing tradition of the “Accabadora,” a figure known as “The Lady who gives death.” Set in Sardinia, the novel explores the ancient practice of euthanasia, where a chosen woman helps end the suffering of the elderly and infirm. Murgia’s captivating storytelling takes readers on a journey through the secrets and practices of the Accabadora, shrouded in darkness and mystery.

To experience the atmospheric ambiance of Sardinia’s tiny villages, the Antica dimora del Gruccione provides the perfect setting. As you delve into the pages ofAccabadora, you’ll find yourself captivated by the rich tapestry of Sardinian traditions and the deep connection between life and death. GET IT HERE

4. Nuraghe Beach: Unveiling the Hidden Gems of Sardinia

Flavio Soriga’s Nuraghe Beach takes readers on a journey through the lesser-known centers of Sardinia. From the small village of Samassi to the historical districts and rural churches, the novel uncovers the hidden gems that often go unnoticed by visitors. Soriga’s vivid descriptions bring these places to life, allowing readers to immerse themselves in the beauty and charm of Sardinia’s lesser-explored destinations.

Nuraghe Beach - Flavio Soriga

To explore the Sardinian Campidano region, a stay at the Antica Locanda Lunetta offers the perfect base for discovering the area’s hidden treasures. Nuraghe Beach invites readers to embark on a journey of discovery, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the smallest towns hold the biggest surprises.

5.Passavamo sulla terra leggeri: A Mythical Journey through Sardinian History

Passavamo sulla terra leggeri (Italian Edition) by [Sergio Atzeni]

Sergio Atzeni’s Passavamo sulla terra leggeri takes readers back in time, offering a mythical exploration of Sardinia’s history. The novel follows Antonio Setzu, the sole guardian of Sardinia’s ancient past, entrusted with passing on the island’s secrets and preserving its heritage. Atzeni’s masterful storytelling combines myth, reality, and magic to create a captivating narrative that spans the island’s origins to the 15th century.

For a deeper understanding of the area around Orosei, the Hotel Baia Marina provides an excellent starting point. Immerse yourself in the pages of Passavamo sulla terra leggeri and discover the layers of Sardinia’s history, where fact and fiction intertwine to create a rich tapestry of cultural heritage. GET IT HERE

6.Canne al vento: Capturing the Fragility of Life

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Grazia Deledda’s Canne al vento transports readers to a small village on the banks of the Cedrino River in the early 1900s. Through the elegant prose of Deledda, the renowned Nobel laureate, the Pintor family comes to life, their relationships, emotions, and struggles delicately portrayed.Canne al vento explores the fragility of human existence, juxtaposing it with the bending canes in the wind.

To follow in the footsteps of writer Grazia Deledda, start your journey at the Hotel La Baja. As you dive into the pages of Canne al vento, you’ll be transported to a time and place where the human spirit is tested, and the resilience of Sardinia’s people shines through.

Conclusion: A Literary Sojourn through Sardinia’s Soul

These novels provide a gateway to Sardinia’s soul, allowing readers to immerse themselves in the island’s history, culture, and landscapes. Through the intricate narratives woven by these talented authors, Sardinia comes alive, revealing its hidden secrets and captivating allure. Whether you’re seeking a sweeping family epic, a tale of mystery and love, or a glimpse into the island’s past, these novels offer a literary sojourn like no other.

As you embark on your own journey to Sardinia, let these novels guide you through the lesser-explored corners of the island, where the true essence of Sardinia awaits. Immerse yourself in the stories, connect with the characters, and uncover the layers of history and culture that make Sardinia a truly enchanting destination.

So, pack your bags, grab a copy of one of these captivating novels, and set off on a literary adventure through the heart of Sardinia. The island is waiting to be discovered, one page at a time.

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