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San Teodoro Information

Sardinia is a jewel full of heavenly places in which to spend a holiday and to escape the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world. Among all the beautiful Sardinian places San Teodoro stands out, which some call the pearl of the Mediterranean. Located in the historic Gallura region, it opens its doors to the Costa Smeralda, a natural paradise known all over the world; San Teodoro takes its name from the church built in honor of the saint and is established as one of the liveliest tourist resorts on the island.

San Teodoro Beaches

The first thing you will notice about San Teodoro, are the beaches that stretch for 37 km and more, and the beautiful natural landscapes which surround them, each one playing host to many activities that can be enjoyed with family and friends. The most famous beach is certainly the Cinta, which is a over three kilometers of white sand dunes; characteristic is the absence of rocks and rocks, with a shallow water suitable for children and a blue and clear sea. It is very popular especially in August and, therefore, very lively and cheerful; behind it you can admire the beautiful lagoon of San Teodoro immersed in the Mediterranean scrub.

Another enchanting beach is the Isuledda, whose shape resembles a spur. Inside many small fragrant bushes, this beach opens up from a shallow seabed with rocks that allow spectacular diving. Nearby is a dry pond in the summer, offering unspoilt nature.

A natural cove which faces the islands Tavolara and Molara is Capo Coda Cavallo beach, which offers a changing sea with colors ranging from blue to green, allowing you to capture unique and breathtaking photos. This beach is completely immersed in the Marine Protected Area, a hive of biodiversity on the Posidonia oceanica dominates, an aquatic plant that serves as a guarantee of the cleanliness and high quality of the water.

The last famous beach of San Teodoro is the Cala d’Ambra, reachable through a tree-lined avenue that opens onto a sensational landscape made of golden sand and crystalline sea; it is also the most loved beach by the locals.

Water Sports & Beach Activites

All the beaches offer many services including the possibility to practice water sports and beach games. For beach volley lovers there are volleyball courts located on the best known beaches of San Teodoro where tournaments are often organized that also attract professionals in the sport.

Another very popular sport is trekking, San Teodoro has plenty of winding paths  for lovers of cycling or long and relaxing walks.A favorite location for trekking is the Monte Nieddu, rich in natural landscapes that alternate between waterfalls, lagoons and the top of the lookout from which you can admire a breathtaking landscape overlooking the sea.

Among the water sports stand out surfing, windsurfing, sailing and within the beach the Cinta is an area dedicated to the practice of these sports, where you can also receive private lessons. Also on all the beaches you can rent boats to make boat trips to discover this wonderful sea.

Marine Protected Area

In addition to the beaches, San Teodoro offers the opportunity to visit the Marine Protected Area, a natural park with a high presence of protected species; inside it is possible to participate in the many environmental education activities, organized by the park custodians.


For lovers of ancient history, San Teodoro is also home to a small but interesting Archaeological museum that contains artifacts from the surrounding backdrops and dating back to the Punic age; the section dedicated to shells is also very interesting.

Gorgeous Food

Even the food is surprising in this heavenly place: it ranges from traditional Gallura dishes such as soup that mixes pieces of bread and cheese together with beef broth, and the “frisco”, a mix of semolina and cream sweetened with honey. Fish is definitely the main ingredient of the dishes of San Teodoro, from the mixer plates with lobster with sea bream, to the bottarga and oysters.

San Teodoro, a natural paradise, the perfect mix of sea, sand, relaxation and good food! Book your San Teodoro Villa today!

10 Reasons to Visit San Teodoro

Planning a trip to Sardinia? Here are 10 reasons to go to choose San Teodoro!

Among the most popular places in Sardinia there is San Teodoro, in the north-east of the island, in Gallura but on the border with the Baronie. It is an uncrowded place in winter (the residents are only 4800), but it explodes into life in the summer, with tens of thousands of tourists. But let’s see investigate as to why San Teodoro is so special! Here are 10 reasons to go on holiday to San Teodoro …

1 – Beaches variety

The first reason that could push us to choose San Teodoro for our holidays is the beauty of the coast and its sea, from north to south we have a great variety of small corners of paradise, from the central and very long beach of La Cinta, which leaves directly from the village and continues for kilometers, up to the beaches and coves that enter the Marine Protected Area of Tavolara – Capo Coda Cavallo. The most beautiful? Probably the wonderful Cala Brandinchi, but it is difficult to choose. Salina Bamba, Baia Salinedda, Cala Suaraccia, Lu Impostu … all to see and all to experience! Also every summer the beaches are connected to the center of San Teodoro and its fractions with convenient shuttle buses, or by the tourist train.

2 – Child-friendly beaches

San Teodoro is one of the best destinations for holidays with children. There are many beaches with shallow seabeds, starting from La Cinta, a beach that is very suitable for families with children, even small ones, so much so that they have been awarded  the Green Flag by Italian pediatricians (the Green Flag indicates the beaches most suitable for children , due to the characteristics of the sea, the beach, but also for services).

3 – Tavolara Marine Protected Area

Capo Coda Cavallo: It is one of the seven protected sea areas in Sardinia, but it is the one that more than any other has been able to integrate the protection of the sea and tourism. It’s amazing to think that it contains 50% of the species of vertebrates of Sardinia, in a marine environment very rich in species and increasing biodiversity, as certified by the experts of National Geographic. The southern part of the Marine Protected Area is part of the territory of San Teodoro.

4 – Beach for dogs

In San Teodoro you can also go to the beach with your 4-legged friend, make sure to take him to the Doggie beach of Costa Caddu, which is rarely crowded and can be reached by a long dirt track. Admission is free you do not pay for parking.

5 – Active tourism

San Teodoro is without a doubt one of the most interesting places for active tourism in Sardinia. First of all the many water sports ranging from windsurfing to sailing, from diving to snorkeling, from swimming to kayaking. If you have a boat you can moor it safely in the Marina di Puntaldia. In the colder months you can devote yourself to cycling, walking or riding along the coast or inland (Monte Nieddu above all), without forgetting to engage in some birdwatching in the large lagoon behind the beach of La Cinta.

6 – Agriturismo and typical food

At the moment San Teodoro is located in the Province of Olbia Tempio but – due to the administrative reorganization in progress – will soon return to the province of Nuoro, which suggests the ease with which you can move to the interior of the island, there where the most authentic heart of Sardinia beats. Taking advantage of the comfortable 4 lanes of the SS131 dcn for example, you can visit the countries participating in Autumn in Barbagia. But the many delicacies of Sardinian cuisine, can also be sampled in the farms and restaurants of San Teodoro and surroundings, not for nothing Sardinia is the land of good life and centenarians!

7 – Entertainment and nightlife

Clubs and discos, kiosks on the beach, parties and festivals are abundant in San Teodoro – so you will not be short of fun, especially in high season, in July and August.

8 – Close to the Olbia-Costa Smeralda airport

Olbia Airport is only 28 kilometers from San Teodoro, which can be reached in just 24 minutes, just beyond is the port of Olbia if you want to travel with your car. In short, an absolutely central position.

9 – Near the Mater Olbia hospital

28 kilometers away and 25 minutes by car is the modern Mater Olbia hospital, so if (heaven forfend!) you have any small ailments, you can still be rest assured, help is not too far away.

10 – Near Olbia

It ‘s true San Teodoro is a beautiful place, but for those visiting Sardinia for the first time will want to explore! Just  a few minutes drive away you have the bright city lights of Olbia, with all it’s services bars and restaurants, but if you are willing to go further afield, there are also many other beautiful beaches to try, you can easily go up to Arzachena and Costa Smeralda, not forgetting Palau and the La Maddalena archipelago.

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