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What to do in Sardinia in Autumn

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What to Do in Sardinia in Autumn

Sardinia in the months of September and October maintains a mild and temperate climate and allows those who decide to visit it during this period to realize many varied activities both on the coast and inland, and to discover the natural and landscape resources of this wonderful island.



In the months of September and October it is still possible to enjoy a swim the sea of Sardinia, whilst avoiding the sweltering heat and overcrowded beaches. If the weather permits, until late October you can immerse yourself in the crystalline sea of the island in beautiful locations. Some of the most renowned destinations in Sardinia are: Villasimius, Chia, Masua, Is Arutas, Capriccioli, and many others



September is the “mushroom month” par excellence. For enthusiasts and / or simple hobbyists it is possible to find in Sardinia the most precious porcini and ova in the broad-leaved woods, and the forests of chestnut trees, cork oaks, lerici and downy oaks. Also the sands, the Mediterranean scrub and the coniferous forests favor the production of mushrooms.

The best areas where excellent mushrooms can be harvested are the Gallura, the Monte Arci in the Oristano area, the Monte dei Sette Fratelli, the Forest of the Marganai in the Iglesiente, in Barbagia and in Ogliastra. Right in the heart of Ogliastra, in Arzana, every year in November organizes the Golden Porcine Festival, which allows one to sample some of the different varieties of mushrooms in the area and which attracts more and more visitors and tourists every year.



Sardinia is the natural habitat for the nesting of about 330 species of birds, some permanent, others present only in some periods of the year. Sardinia has various areas which have been recognized as “Sites of Community Interest (SIC)” by the European Union, and these sites attract every year many birdwatching enthusiasts, who can practice with or without the help of the expert guides on hand, who are useful for help in identifying the different species. The ponds of Molentargius in the province of Cagliari, and of Cabras in Oristano, as well as the coastal areas of Oristano, the Island of San Pietro and the lagoons of Stintino and Platamona, are places populated by many species of birds, such as the beautiful pink flamingo, the heron, the black stork, and some rare birds such as the mallard and the cormorant.



Sardinia, a land rich in traditions, has a proud history of wine and food customs. The autumn period can be a good opportunity to discover the typical products of this beautiful island, through many food and wine and cultural tours. A small sample of some of the different tours on offer can be found here.



The territory of Sardinia is ideal for outdoors exploration, due to its varied uniqueness, and the many routes and itineraries that allow you to explore and get to know the most fascinating and ancient areas of the island.

Ente Foreste has identified 76 trails in 12 areas, with the aim of enhancing the natural and cultural heritage from an ecological and social point of view, defining Sardinia as “an island of trails”.



One of the distinctions of Sardinia is the presence of many caves, underground, coastal and rocky spurs, which allow excursions into unspoiled nature. The best known, as well as the largest, are the caves of Neptune in Alghero (SS), consisting of ravines and corridors, only partially open to the public.

The caves of Is Zuddas at 6 km. from Santadi (CI), with its beautiful natural salt (dell’Organo, del Teatro, eccentric), is a emotive and sensational experience.

In Ulassai (OG) the Su Marmuri Caves take their name from the particular color and shape and are considered the most impressive in Europe.

The Caves of Su Mannau are a large karstic complex located in the area of ​​Fluminimaggiore (CI), while in Dorgali (NU) in the Ispinigoli Caves a long column of 38 meters connects the vault with the base and in the abyss of the virgins where  findings of Phoenician origin were discovered, preserved in the local Museum. Also in the area of ​​Dorgali, in Cala Gonone the Grotta del Bue Marino is famous.

In Baunei (OG) the Caves Su Meraculu and Del Fico can be visited, while in Domusnovas (CI) those of S. Giovanni.



Sardinia is the ideal place to practice free climbing both for the climate and for the presence (in many different locations) of granite cliffs, which suit climbers of many different abilities and experience. Climbing can be done either independently or through expert guides who are also happy to organize short preparation courses.



For lovers of photography, Sardinia in the autumn period offers the opportunity to experiment in the creation of original and wonderful photos, thanks to the clarity of the colors and the variety of landscapes that offer an extremely wild flora and fauna. Opportunities to participate in festivals, parties and events in little known locations and off the tourist route, also allow opportunists to capture details of extremely interesting sardinian life which is rich in history, culture and traditions.

And in this period the long sunsets on the beaches or in the mountains will allow you to immortalize plays of lights and colors almost surreal in their beauty.

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