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La Maddalena

La Maddalena Islands

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La Maddalena Islands

The ‘La Maddelena’ Islands and the entire archipelago of ‘La Maddelena’ are included within the National Park of La Maddalena, this Island is totally protected and hence a natural oasis of beauty. The ‘La Maddelena’ is well-known throughout the world for its nature, its beaches and for the clarity and transparency of its waters reminiscent of the Caribbean, such as the famous pink sand beach which can be found here.

The Island is famous for being the set of the film the ‘Red Desert’ by Michelangelo Antonioni. The archipelago is also known for being the final resting place of the Hero of Two Worlds ‘Giuseppe Garibaldi’, who built in Caprera the famous “White House”, now a house museum open to the public where you can visit the tomb where he rests. There are many opportunities for boat trips and guided tours, stopping in the wildest and most beautiful islands of the archipelago of La Maddalena National Park chosen from among the most exclusive beaches and the most beautiful natural sights in the world. Walking through the picturesque streets of the famous old town, full of shops for shopping and looking out over the picturesque harbour of ‘Cala Gavetta’. The Island is easily accessible via regular ferries from the Port Town of Palau.

Nightlife in La Maddalena

La Maddalena is a quiet place, the nightlife flows between the bars and bars of the old town, where even the small shops close late.
2 km from the center is the Bulldog, a summer nightclub with an indoor track and two outdoors.
Often they organize evenings by the sea and boat parties that, after dinner, allow the landing in small coves where you can dance until late.

What to Eat in La Maddalena

In La Maddalena you eat mainly the typical dishes of Gallura, their roasts, soups, cheeses, fresh pasta like gnocchetti or ravioli, but the fish, strictly local and fresh, has always been part of the Sardinian culinary tradition, especially when roasted or fried.
In the best restaurants you can taste the famous fish soup or the monkfish Maddalenina.
The wine, inevitable, will be the Vermentino di Gallura DOCG with its fresh taste, to be enjoyed also as an aperitif by the sea.

Things to do on La Maddalena

1. Walk in the historic center

Via Garibaldi, Via XX Settembre and Piazza Umberto I offer a pleasant walk. The fish market, next to the Municipality and the tourist port of Cala Gavetta, are characteristic places to visit.


2. Visit to the Garibaldi Museum and the Sea Museum on the island of Caprera.

If you have a car it will be easy to reach the island of Caprera, the only island connected to La Maddalena by a bridge, alternatively you can rent quads, motorcycles or take one of the public transport linking the two islands.
The first is the house where Garibaldi decided to spend his old age and where he died, looking towards Corsica; the second is a collection of stories of fishermen and lives of sailors, told by the objects guarded here and by the passion of a woman who has studied this sea for many years.

3. Take a swim in the beautiful beaches

Baia Trinita and Carlotto on the island of La Maddalena, or Cala Andreani, The two seas, Cala Napoletana and Cala Coticcio (better known as Tahiti) in Caprera are just some of the most beautiful beaches where you can dive for a regenerating bath.

4. A horse ride and a visit to the Arbuticci fort.

On the island of Caprera there is a riding school that organizes horse riding excursions to the military fortresses on the island.
The recently restored Arbuticci fort houses a memorial dedicated to G. Garibaldi, overlooking Caprera and La Maddalena from above, giving its visitors a breathtaking view.


5. Aperitif by the sea and fish dinner

Returning from a day on the boat or on the beach it is pleasant to stop for an aperitif in one of the two most characteristic places of the island, Bar Zì Antò in the Tegge area, an enchanting cliff overlooking the island of Spargi and at sunset a breathtaking landscape; or Tecla, a small inn set on the steps of Piazza Umberto I – where, if you do not find a seat at the table, you can sit on the cushions arranged on the steps.

The fish in the restaurants is local fish and always fresh, you can taste at the restaurants Magreta, La Terrazza, Caprera and La Roca, the best specialties of the island that boasts an ancient seafaring tradition. The suggestion is to let the chef advise you.


6. Enjoy a drink!

Sip a good wine, a liqueur or a delicious cocktail prepared by Leandro and his staff at The Duke Cocktail & Lounge bar. Here nothing is left to chance and everything is taken care of in detail, professionalism and friendliness will make your evening an unforgettable one.


7. Take a boat trip

Boat trip to the La Maddalena archipelago. The boats that leave in the morning and return in the evening around 17.00 -18.00, are numerous and of various types: dinghies, sailboats, catamarans and motor boats that carry up to three hundred passengers.
Lunch is on board and during the day there are three or four stops in and around the various islands.


8. Take a dive.

Whether you are experienced or not, you can participate in one of the dives organized by the diving schools on the island. They will lead you to the discovery of a seabed rich in wrecks, submerged rocks and expanses of oceanic posidonia.


9. Buy an unusual souvenir.

The shops in the historic center of the country offer you the possibility to buy Sardinian knives, baskets, cork trays, coral jewelry; but if you are looking for something really original you should take a chance at Veleria Il Ponente, where you can buy bags, belts, vests and clothing made entirely by hand using scraps of sails and boat tops.
There are also the ceramics of Stefania Missio, buttons, plates, cups and beautiful objects with bright colors and delicate and unusual features. You can buy them in the sales point at the Bar Zì Antò, loc. Tegge.


10. Take a Panoramic tour of the island

Motorbikes, cars, bikes, feet, choose the means you like best and take a panoramic tour of the island, discover breathtaking landscapes and see the remaining islands of the archipelago.

We remind you that you are inside a National Park and therefore a protected area. Be careful not to leave waste on the beaches, respect the environment and let this corner of Sardinia still remain untouched and usable to others.


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