You are currently viewing Alghero, the northwestern gateway to Sardinia

Alghero, the northwestern gateway to Sardinia

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alghero bassa stagione - Villa Rental Sardinia
Alghero, Centro Storico – credits:

Alghero it is not a simple town but a real one jewel set in the north-west of Sardinia. Overlooking the sea, its splendid white port is tinged with all the shades of red when the sun goes down on the horizon.

Ancient and hypnotic in its historical center which preserves the tangible signs of the Aragonese domination, which also resonates in the local dialect.

Alghero, the historic center

Difficult not to fall in love at first sight with the walls, bell towers, ramparts, and then churches and ancient buildings with characteristic yellow bricks. In Alghero, o Alguer, it’s nice to get lost among the cobbled streets of the center, where history blends with the modernity of clubs, shops and restaurants who know how to delight the palate of visitors with dishes based on fish.
Beyond the typical restaurants, there are the craft shops to animate the alleys in which to walk to discover the deep soul of a city, between Sardinia and Catalonia.

alghero centro storico - Villa Rental Sardinia
Alghero, the Historical Center Shops – credits:

It is the fifth city by number of inhabitants in the region, and in the summer season sees its inhabitants quadruple. But Alghero retains its charm even in the colder months, further reason to go and discover it and live it in months with a milder climate but with less crowded and bustling streets.

alghero bastioni inverno - Villa Rental Sardinia
Alghero, the Winter Ramparts – credits:

The Alghero Coast

Alghero therefore knows how to satisfy all tastes, not only with its dynamism but also with an infinity of landscapes and colors which make it magnetic and attractive. Wet from emerald water, its shoreline is called the Coral coast due to the presence of the most precious coral, the Corallium Rubrum, the red one.

To embellish the coast of Alghero there are some beaches of extraordinary beauty: Le Bombarde, Maria Pia, the Lazzaretto, Porto Ferro and Pineta Mugoni they are among the best known; fine beach and crystal clear water colors that blend with the blue of the sky. And then scattered in the coast are the characteristic faraglioni, rocky peaks that emerge proud from the sea taking austere and fascinating forms.

alghero catamarano - Villa Rental Sardinia
The Alghero Coast by Catamaran

Alghero, the environmental heritage

Much of the coast is protected to preserve its extraordinary beauty in themarine area of ​​Capo Caccia – Isola Piana. A rich and varied territory that becomes the ideal stage for those who love the experiences in contact with nature and he does not want to limit himself to observing it but also live it actively: from the paths of trek is cycling to watersports, there are so many adventures available.

If we have to describe one, we recommend a fantastic one horseback excursion that starts from Lake Baratz, another miracle of nature just a few kilometers from Alghero. Through a simple route also suitable for beginners, you get up to Porto Ferro beach to admire the beautiful landscapes at the small trot!

cavallo lago baratz - Villa Rental Sardinia
Horse ride, Lake Baratz

Nature and history, modernity and magic, adventures and relaxation, sports and food, nothing really lacks in Alghero.

IS one of the most famous destinations but it deserves this supremacy and is the ideal place to discover the nuances of the Sardinian island which, thanks to its heterogeneity and its millenary history, manages to surprise you, with authenticity, even in the most iconic areas.

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