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Alghero, Asinara, Gallura, La Maddalena, Nora

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primavera baunei - Villa Rental Sardinia
Baunei, Pedra Longa – credits:

You have just arrived in Sardinia. You have already started the playlist that you had prepared so carefully in the previous months, when, at home, you imagined the holiday, because you wanted your trip to Sardinia had a "right" soundtrack and not left to chance.

The smell of sea and myrtle are already one with your nose, you have arrived in Sardinia and the rest no longer matters.

Sardinia: 24,100.02 square km of surface, 1,897 km of coasts, 377 municipalities, countless places of naturalistic interest, as many of historical, archaeological and cultural interest. There are many things to see, do, observe, admire and live from north to south. Impossible to do everything in one trip.

But the journey is of the traveler, who builds it the way he prefers, based on what he wants to receive from the trip and wants to give the trip: sea, nature, culture. The trip to Sardinia offers endless possibilities. Let's see some of them.

Alghero and the Coral Riviera

Our trip to Sardinia starts from the northwest of the island, from Alghero, the capital of Riviera del Corallo, the fifth city of Sardinia, perhaps one of the best known. So many beaches to relax both within the city and a short distance away: the Bombarde, the Lazzaretto, the Mugoni beach, Lido di San Giovanni, Maria Pia. Much of the coast is part of the protected marine area of ​​Capo Caccia.

But the true traveler cannot be satisfied with being beached all the time under the sun, he needs strong emotions. One of the most adrenaline-filled experiences that can be done in this area is the visit to the Capo Caccia promontory, overlooking the sea. Unique views and fun, suspended between the sky and the sea.

cabirol alghero - Villa Rental Sardinia
Capo Caccia, Alghero

The Asinara National Park

We continue our journey in a northerly direction, we cross the sea to go to an island on the island, small but with enormous beauty. Let's go in theisland of Asinara. Describing it in a few sentences is impossible: from wild vegetation, to the typical fauna, passing through a history rich in curiosity (inside was built a maximum security prison among the most famous in Italy).

How to visit it in a single day? There is the solution: an exclusive off-road tour accompanied by the Asinara National Park Guides. An excursion that will let you discover both the details of the hinterland and the coastal ones, dressing everything with an infinite number of curiosities.

asinara - Villa Rental Sardinia


Back on the main island, we continue our journey on the coast to the east. Here, before reaching more known destinations like the Costa Smeralda, you can meet them less known landscape jewels to most. Like for example the River Coghinas in the area of ​​Valledoria; here you can explore this very long and beautiful river, with different kayaking routes, immersed in the most pristine nature. We suggest the path of the Baths, one of the most suggestive.

We are now a stone's throw from Olbia, but before relaxing on a well-deserved boat tour, there is still time for a experience full of adrenaline and emotions: this is the Canyoning in Rio Pitrisconi, near San Teodoro. It is a canyoning path between falls, dives, trekking and lots of fun in contact with nature.

canyoning rio pitrisconi - Villa Rental Sardinia
Canyoning – Rio Pitrisconi, San Teodoro

The Archipelago of La Maddalena

Since we arrived in the north-eastern tip of Sardinia, it is unthinkable not to go and admire theLa Maddalena Archipelago, for a relaxing boat trip before continuing the journey, this time heading south. Again we do not offer a discounted experience: tour aboard an old sailing ship, for a exclusive and impossible to forget tour.

maddalena veliero - Villa Rental Sardinia
Old sailing ship – La Maddalena

The Gulf of Orosei

Destination south it has been said, always following the east coast of the island, to stop in the fabulous coast of Orosei. Here they are among the most beautiful coves in the region, and with this rubber boat tour you will be able to meet them all!

But enough sea, Sardinia is much more! Moving inland, to the nearby area of Dorgali, you can experience two excursions in two of the symbolic points of the island: a trekking in the Nuragic Village of Tiscali and another to discovery of the Gorroppu Canyon, one of the deepest in Europe. So to fill up with nature, colors, history and archeology before making the last stops in the deep south of Sardinia.

Here too there are many proposals, which satisfy all the souls of a traveler.

golfo orosei - Villa Rental Sardinia
The Gulf of Orosei

Southern Sardinia

Do you want to continue exploring the rich history of the island? Then you can't lose this archaeological tour to Nora, among the vivid remains of the Romans and many anecdotes to discover. If, on the other hand, you still need fun and adrenaline rushes, it is ready for you off-road coastal tour in the Chia area.

Finally, if you want to taste the delicacies that this land offers and you want to sip a well-deserved glass of wine, here is a food and wine excursion with a total immersion in the scents and aromas of southern Sardinia.

nora pula - Villa Rental Sardinia
The Archaeological Area of ​​Nora, Pula

Do you think the journey has been endless and you're exhausted?

Think this is it just a taste of what you can do in Sardinia. An island that, as you have seen, not only offers a dream sea, but much, much more … discover it with us!


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