alone or in accompaniment

home grown

Served either as accompaniments or as dishes on their own the vegetable recipes you will find here are simple yet delicious. Once again the quality of ingredients is key, only use organic produce and if you have a garden grow your own! Home grown vegetables are the norm in the Sardinian household. Whether it’s a field with enough vegetables to feed the whole family for a year, a small allotment with a few favourite ingredients or just a small patch with fresh herbs and some greens, everyone in Sardinia seems to produce something themselves.
Take a look through the sub menu on the left for some vegetable recipes that are typical of Sardinia.

You will notice the use of lard in a lot of these recipes, this is something particular to Sardinian cooking but obviously makes these vegetable dishes non vegetarian. If you are a vegetarian don’t despair, just substitute olive oil wherever you see lard.

boiled onions

There is in every cook’s opinion

No savoury dish without an onion:

But lest your kissing should be spoiled

The onion must be thoroughly boiled.

Jonathan Swift (1667-1745)

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