Traditional Ingredients

traditional ingredients

a peek into the Sardinian larder

sardinian products

As with all of Italy, Sardinia has it’s own particular products that are representative of the cuisine of the area. Many of these products have long been difficult to find outside of Sardinia but are now readily available from most good deli’s. Having these ingredients in your larder is not essential to producing the majority of the dishes found here but I would highly recommend trying all of them if only to try something new.
Take a look at the sub menu on the left for a run down on some of the most prized of Sardinian ingredients.


only the best

Quality, quality, and more quality! I can not emphasise this enough, if you want to produce fantastic tasting food it is so important that you use the finest ingredients that you can find. Buy your vegetables from a grocer, meat from a butcher and fish from a fishmonger. Use suppliers who know and are passionate about their produce. I purchase my meat from a butcher that only sells meat from a small location called Villanova Monteleone and he can often be heard telling his customers that the reason his meat is so full of flavour is that the animals graze in a field with a “vista mare” (sea view). The message here is that for the final meal to be amazing we must first think about what we are going to use to make it.

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