Tortolì Travel Guide

Tortolì is situated slightly inland from Arbatax, the access from the sea for the whole of Ogliastra and the only port in the province of Nuoro. The economy that was traditionally based on agriculture and farming has evolved into the industrial and service sectors with a particular focus on tourism. Fish and its derivates are amongst the typical products, such as the renowned Bottarga (dried grey mullet eggs), but also wines like Cannonau.
In the area one can visit the tower of San Gemiliano set on the promontory overlooking the bay in location Porto Frailis, which was built between the Fifteenth and the Seventeenth centuries to guard the coast, and the Spanish tower of San Michele dating back to the Sixteenth century situated in the centre of Arbatax.

Thanks to a particular initiative that was started in 1995, the streets and the piazzas of Tortolì exhibit works of contemporary art by Italian and foreign artists giving life to an original open air gallery.
Leaving the built-up area in a northern direction, a short distance from the town there is the marsh of Tortolì, which is one of the richest in fish in the whole of Sardinia; it also houses interesting species of birds especially during winter.

Several beautiful beaches open up onto the Tortolì coast, all with very fine white sand and crystalline water; the very long and wide Orrì beach, the famous Cea beach and the splendid crags, the beaches of San Gemiliano and Sos Flores.

Not to miss, the 16 m high porphyry rocks facing the port of Arbatax, known as Scogli Rossi (red rocks).

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