Thermal Baths

Large thermal complex, which is the evidence of the ancient centre of Forum Traiani that rose during the imperial epoch as a meeting point between the territories under roman ruling and the barbarian civilisations inland. The main area consisted of the pool , which, surrounded by an arcade, employed the warm water from sulphureous springs. In another thermal bath, which was positioned south of the latter, the water was artificially heated. The Forum was positioned next to the thermae; other ruins of the old urban centre were found around the village of Fordongianus, like the amphitheatre, several urban structures and underground tombs, in particular the one inside the crypt of Saint Lussorio’s church.

To get there from national route S.S. 131 (“Carlo Felice”) take the exit for Oristano-Simaxis, towards Simaxis. Follow the road to Fordongianus; once in the town, turn into Via Terme (fourth street on the left), which leads directly to the archaeological site.

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