The wines of Sardinia

world renowned

Sardinia is fast becoming recognised as a producer of some of the finest wines in the world. Thanks to international interest many of these wines are now readily available outside of Sardinia.
The climate and fertile soil combined with the continued use of traditional techniques are the key to the wines of Sardinia. I have tried here to cover both my favourite wines and those that are representative of the wines of the region. Please browse through the sub menu on the left for more detailed descriptions and tasting notes for the specific wines.

the vineyards

There are a number of vineyards in Sardinia from small family run producers to large international suppliers. The three most significant vineyards are probably Sella & Mosca, Santadi and Jerzu. Sella & Mosca is located in the north of the island close to Alghero. Visitors are welcome, there is a small museum and visitors are able to purchase wines directly. Santadi is located in the Sulcis region in the south west of the island. A fairly new vineyard, the business was started in the 1960’s, they produce some of the finest wines from Sardinia. Jerzu is located in the Ogliastra region in the heart of Nuoro. The vineyard was founded in the 1950’s and is located in some of the most stunning and remote of Sardinian countryside.

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