The ruins of Nora

The people looking to add a little culture to their holiday in the sun will not be disappointed as Sardinia with the many archaeological remains scattered all over the territory sprouts history from every pore. In the South the Ruins of Nora, ancient Phoenician centre that developed further during the roman age, are fascinating. The Phoenicians and Punic evidence is rather dim, with only the foundations of the “Tanit” temple, some fortifications and the ruins of a foundry left, but the Roman traces are plentiful. Amongst the many constructions of Roman age, the theatre dating back to the Trajan epoch is one of most remarkable; the three thermal baths must also be mentioned (The Central Thermae, The Small Thermae and the Sea Thermae); and so must the Forum, the Temple and Sanctuary of Aesculapius. There are also many examples of civil habitations (such as the “tetrastyle atrium house”) boasting the ruins of precious mosaics.

To get there take the road to Teulada from Cagliari, the Ruins of Nora are 3km from Pula.

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