The Archers Tournament in Iglesias

On the 7th of August in Iglesias, in the South of Sardinia, there is the Archers’ Tournament, with 24 archers taking part in medieval attire. This manifestation recalls the historical siege of the town by Alfonso D’Aragona in the XIV century. As the story goes, Castellano D’Imposta, one of the men of Alfonso D’Aragona, was killed by an archer positioned on the city walls who was then killed by an arrow in his eye. Outside the city walls an army of twenty thousand men besieged the city, while on the inside only a thousand men, of which 128 archers, bravely defended the city. However after 8 months of resistance, they fell under strain.

The tournament is followed a week later by the Medieval Parade, which takes place on the 13th of August.

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