Su Nuraxi Nuraghe

Su Nuraxi in Barumini in the province of Cagliari is the most famous nuragic complex on the island. The four-lobed fortress was completely wrapped by a surrounding wall featuring originally five turrets, that became seven later. The central main tower, stretching over three floors, boasts a remaining height of 14.10m, of the original 18.60m; a stairwell that wraps around the wall, which was raised 4.22m off the ground, leads to the floors above. After the construction of the embattlements, the original entrance to the bastion was eliminated and replaced by another opening that was positioned 7m high. The internal courtyard complete with central well, gave direct access to three of the secondary turrets, while the forth one could be reached through a narrow corridor accessible from the same courtyard. According to a recent hypothetic reconstruction the bastion’s turrets were set over two floors, the lower level being divided by a wooden gallery. The ruins of the village that developed over various phases, spreading even over the ruins of the actual fortress and around it, are marked by the rather complex urban structure and the presence of several important buildings, in particular the large meeting hut that was absorbed within the city walls.

The “zz” room is also outstanding, oval shaped with the side walls representing a herring-bone decoration made with marl tiles. Another typical construction of the village is the “hut divided in sectors” (a.k.a. central court house), habitations consisting of several areas grouped around a central space (like the round areas with central basin) that are testimonial to a rather advanced way of life.

The origins of the nuraghes are the topic of ongoing discussions amongst the experts, with various theories presented over the years of which the most believable is that given their strategic locations on commanding positions they were defense structures built to protect the territory.

To get there from national route S.S. 131 take the exit for Barumini, from there, take the road to Tuili. The nuragic complex is on the left of the road, 1 km from Barumini.

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