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sea, boat tour, history and local traditions


Bella stagione alle porte2 - Villa Rental Sardinia

The capricious climate can not remove all the scents of spring in Sardinia and the hints of summer that you hear knocking on doors. The Sardinian sun is making its way through the cloudy days, and the strong wind of this period mitigates the air while waiting for the sun's rays to make thewarm environment as all the vacationers who decide to land on the island dream about.

During this period, Sardinia offers countless opportunities to enjoy the beauties of the area to the fullest dream beaches, authentic villages and exciting experiences, offers.

Boat tours

Let's start with the very rich proposal of boat tours around the island that will allow you to discover dream places. Like theLa Maddalena Archipelago, a galaxy of 60 pristine islands and islets in the north of the island. But moving from the extreme north-east to the north-west of the coast, there are unmissable tours in the resorts of Porto Torres, Stintino, Asinara is Alghero.

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Descending this coast meets the wonderful Gulf of Bosa. And still you can continue down to the deep south of Buggerru and then Carloforte it's still Villasimius is Cagliari.

Up to complete this circumnavigation of Sardinia and land on the east coast between Arbatax, Cala Gonone is Orosei. Where there will never be coves, beaches and heavenly glimpses in any area of ​​the island, with all its wonderful shades of blue and blue.

The boats satisfy all tastes: from barges, catamarans, sailboats, rafts and even vintage boats.

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In all these magnificent spots along the fabulous Sardinian coasts you can not be satisfied with just relaxing and admiring the view only from a boat. You can also actively experience the area with beautiful experiences from snorkeling or diving to explore the crystal clear waters. Or venture out on the coast aboard one canoe, between paddling and fun. Or try your hand at the SUP (Stand Up Paddle) for unique excursions that combine sport with nature.

Discover the aquatic experiences to live in the sea of ​​the island.

Bella stagione alle porte - Villa Rental Sardinia

The Sardinian hinterland

The sea is the visiting card of Sardinia but, once you visit the coasts, why settle for?
The immense and varied Sardinian hinterland, made up of villages where you can discover the authentic history of the island, from the millenary traditions, they are places that enclose theessence of Sardinia, and to the wild nature match the housing of the older traditions.

Today we offer an example: Bitti, in the heart of the Barbagia. A village of about 3000 fierce souls, built in a fertile valley surrounded by hills and arranged like an amphitheater. Culture and traditions, in this village, they are more alive than ever, being an integral part of everyday life.

Bella stagione alle porte Bitti - Villa Rental Sardinia

To immerse yourself in this place of choral charm, just like a tenor song, and experience a day of discovery and curiosity, there is the Barbagia di Bitti Experience, a real journey in stages between past and present in which, accompanied by local guides, we will visit the village, the Multimedia Museum of Singing in Tenor is Romanzesu, one of the most complex nuragic sites on the island, a sanctuary that preserves evidence dating from the 15th century. BC until the 7th century a.C .. To then continue, with a further leap in time until prehistory to learn about the dinosaurs that populated the earth in the Mesozoic.

The appearance will be very important during this long day food and wine, enhanced by the quality of local products. A cooking lab during which the secrets of the typical cuisine will be shown, a delicious convivial lunch will precede.

Recharge your batteries and have fun between the sun and the sea ​​of ​​Sardinia but don't forget to visit the hinterland… you will not regret!

Excursions and Info

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