Sa Sartiglia of Oristano

Sa Sartiglia in Oristano is the most spectacular and choreographed Carnival in Sardinia. An equestrian game with ancient origins in which brave horsemen compete with one another in a tournament to select the figure of Su Componidori, the horseman that wearing a mask of a mysterious God will pierce the star. It is the fight to conquer the ring and finally the star, a celebration infused with many symbols, a festival of magic, of prosperity, misery, of suffering and hope. The atmosphere is dramatic with the incessant rolling of the drums when the horseman wearing the mask of a mysterious God draws his sword holding it in front of him, he stands up on his saddle while he is galloping at high speed along the road, moments later the point of the sword pierces the star. He then proudly parades through the cheering crowd showing off his trophy.

The dates vary according to the calendar but it generally falls at the end of February. The festival takes place on the Sunday and the Tuesday of the Carnival.

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