Pecorino is one of the major food symbols of Sardinia. Tradition is everything here, with dairies only using modern technologies to enhance traditional methods of production. This sheep’s milk cheese comes in an abundance of forms but is generally separated into two categories, Stagionata (aged) and fresh. The fresher varieties of pecorino such as la Caciota (very fresh and semi soft) tend to be eaten with salads and even toasted. The aged versions are much fuller in flavour and a re generally enjoyed at the end of a meal.

One of the biggest secrets of Italian cooking is related to pecorino cheese. Throughout the world Parmesan is shaved across bowls of pasta to give a final touch to the dish, however in Italy the use of pecorino is a preferred substitute.

Try mixing your grated parmesan with a couple of different types of grated pecorino cheese to give your pasta dishes the finishing touch they deserve.

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