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pasta and soups

pasta and soups

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sardinian flavours

Pasta and soups in Sardinia and Italy are considered to be first courses but you can just as well enjoy any of these dishes as a main course. I have tried here to include a good blend of recipes from inland and coastal areas. These recipes are some of the signatory dishes of Sardinia and go a long way to express the strong flavours that are present in Sardinian cooking.
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pasta alla capricciosella

Provate a fa’ ‘sto sugo, ch’è un poema:
piselli freschi, oppure surgelati,
calamaretti, funghi “cortivati”,
così magnate senz’avé patema.

Pe’ fa’ li calamari c’è un sistema:
se metteno a pezzetti martajati
nell’ajo e l’ojo e bene rosolati,
so’ teneri che pareno ‘na crema.

Appresso svaporate un po’ de vino;
poi pommidoro, funghi e pisellini
insaporiti cor peperoncino.

Formaggio gnente, a la maniera antica,
fatece bavettine o spaghettini…
Bòn appetito e Dio ve benedica!

Try to make this sauce, it’s sheer poetry:
fresh or frozen peas,
tiny squids, “greenhouse-grown” mushrooms,
so you can eat them without any fear.

There’s a way to prepare the squids:
torn into small rough pieces, they are placed
into oil with some garlic, and once browned
they will be as soft as cream.

After that, sprinkle a little wine;
then tomato, mushrooms and small peas
flavoured with red chilli peppers.

No cheese, as the old way,
choose bavettine or spaghettini [2] …
Enjoy the dish and God bless you!
Aldo Fabrizi
(1905 – 1990)

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