Orosei Travel Guide

Orosei, set in the middle of the Eastern coast of Sardinia, is a secluded quiet village easily accessible via the famous “Orientale Sarda” SS 125 that links it with Olbia and the Emerald coast, and national route SS 129 that links it with Nuoro and from there with the rest of the island. The territory of Orosei has many facets benefiting from the presence of the mountain, the Cedrino river, the marsh and the sea all in such close space. Thanks to the proximity to the sea the climate is mild in winter and the heath in summer is eased by the pleasant sea breeze. In recent years, the development of tourist facilities has favoured the area, which has become increasingly popular with tourists. The typical food of this region combines the flavours of the sea with those of the products from the land and the Cedrino valley in such manner to enhance the qualities of the latter with the freshness of the fish.

The beaches of Orosei cover 40 km of coastline and start at the border with Siniscola, with which town it shares the beach of Bidderosa. From North to South the first beach is Cala Ginepro, then Cala Liberotto and Fuile ‘e Mare. All the beaches accessible via land have been surrounded by tourist developments, but they have kept their natural beauty and wildness. This stretch of coastline is in fact characterised by vertical rocks and many little coves that can only be reached after a long walk. Cala Luna is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, but it is not easy to reach: to get to it it’s necessary to walk for at least two hours. An easier route would be by boat from Santa Maria Navarrese. The limestone wall surrounding the Gulf of Orosei is one of the destinations favoured by rock-climbing and free-climbing lovers; climbing is the only way to reach certain beaches and charming bays via land.

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