Orgosolo Travel Guide

Orgosolo set in the heart of the Barbagia region at the foot of the Supramonte Mountain has all the charm of a village where time appears to have stopped. The variation of the territory makes Orgosolo the ideal destination for those people looking for a holiday surrounded by nature and the authentic Sardinian spirit. The scenery is an alternation of grottos, vast valleys, deep gorges and canyons formed in the years by the Cedrino River; the forests are rich in Holm-oaks, junipers, pines and impenetrable thick vegetation. Excursions to the Montes forest, to the limestone peak of Monte Novo San Giovanni and to the Supramonte from where to enjoy the views of the magnificent peaks of the Gennargentu range, are highly advised. Given the difficult nature of the territory it is advised not to adventure off the beaten track without the help of a local guide.

Orgosolo is famous for its murals, the first ones were painted in the 1970s’ and since then they have reported fragments of the past of this village, which is traditionally proud and close to the external world. Today there are more than 150 murals telling stories from the past; they make up a true open air art gallery.

The celebrations on New Year’s Eve, Sa Candelaria, are quite peculiar: the children go round the village with an empty sac, which the local families fill with presents as a good omen for the coming year. In the evening, young and old people go to the houses of newly wed couples and sing traditional songs in a gesture of good wish.
In recent years the area around Orgosolo has seen the development of tourist facilities to welcome visitors to enjoy this untouched part of Sardinia that has so much to offer.

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