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June in Sardinia – On board a boat to explore the Sardinian coasts

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Get on board and enjoy one of the best months in Sardinia: June!

Sun, vacation, relaxation, beaches and the sound of the waves … all very trivial and obvious, perhaps, but let's face it: who doesn't dream about them? Who doesn't want them?

Surely they are the first things that come to mind when one thinks or hears the name Sardinia. Sardinia is much much more, of course. A millenary history, the hinterland, lakes, rivers, caves, low mountains, the Mediterranean scrub and traditions.

However, even in this case, let's face it: who is it that doesn't like the sea? The doing nothing while lying on the beach or letting yourself be lulled by the waves aboard a boat.
After almost a year of work, stress and daily routine are always the same. Whether it's a week, ten days or even two weeks, everyone rightly dreams of holidays to remember. Where to disconnect completely from the problems of everyday life.

IS June It has been becoming one of the favorite months for Italians for the holidays for several years. And how can you blame him? Endless days, light until after 9, with the longest days of the year and unforgettable sunsets. Hot without the heat of July and August; less crowded beaches but with all the services available.

giornata intera barca a vela carloforte - Villa Rental Sardinia
Full day sailing on the Island of San Pietro in Carloforte

And then, in this article, we will suggest you the experiences to fully enjoy, and in full relax, the sea, the most beautiful beaches and coasts of Sardinia experiencing unique, relaxing and family-friendly tours on different boats.
To write them all would mean having at least one hundred pages and hours of your time available; so we'll just tell you about areas you just can't miss.

La Maddalena

Let's start from the extreme north-east:La Maddalena Archipelago. With its islets and a paradise on earth. casings, le Natural Pools, Spread and the Rosa beach its flowers in the buttonhole; with a boat or catamaran tour you can enjoy all the colors of this coast.

escursione catamarano la maddalena - Villa Rental Sardinia
Catamaran excursion in the La Maddalena Archipelago from Palau

North West Sardinia

In the other extreme, to the west, we find Stintino, theAsinara Island and a little further north Alghero. Crystal clear sea and unspoiled nature. Ideal for a trip on a sailboat or even on a yacht with different stages for snorkeling.

gita in barca a vela parco nazionale asinara - Villa Rental Sardinia
Sailing trip in the Asinara National Park

Gulf of Orosei

Returning to the East coast but much further south, in the wild Gulf of Orosei, we suggest a tour in a rubber dinghy so as not to miss a small beach or inlets of the most famous coves of the Sardinian region: Cala Sisine, Cala Luna is Cala Goloritzè just to name a few.

giornata intera gommone golfo di orosei - Villa Rental Sardinia
Full day raft ride in the Gulf of Orosei

South Sardinia

And now we end in the extreme south, between Cagliari, Villasimius and the other island on the island: Carloforte. Even here the ideal is to get on a sailboat, let yourself be carried away by the wind and admire the unique landscapes, always different even a few miles away.

mezza giornata barca a vela cagliari - Villa Rental Sardinia
Half-day excursion on a sailing boat to Cagliari

As you can see, there is only the embarrassment of the choice and we have not mentioned so many other places like Buggerru, Arbatax, Porto Torres, Bosa and … we warned you, a parchment wouldn't be enough!

And then? Simple, let yourself be inspired by our offers, come in Sardinia for the summer and choose one of these tours … impossible to be disappointed!


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