Island Spirit Adventures in the Ogliastra

Whether it is your first time to Italy or a repeat visit, a week long vacation organized by Island Spirit Adventures is sure to create for you an experience of a lifetime. After one week on the island of Sardinia you will have met some of the most spirited Italians, eaten the finest and freshest foods and felt the soothing waters and beaches of an ancient island that smells of wisdom and mysticism.

A week long vacation with Island Spirit Adventures involves four days of hiking to some of Sardinia’s most untouched places, a visit to one of Europe’s most well renowned caves, an afternoon cooking class with Sardinian women and an opportunity to witness the craftsmanship of cheese and wine making during our tour of the local winery.

The four-day trekking adventure will take you through the magnificent Ogliastra region, hiking through rugged limestone mountains and lush Mediterranean vegetation down to the most pristine and secluded beaches found on this island. Each day of hiking ends with a hearty Sardinian meal prepared by the local people of Ogliastra. Whether it be a fresh fish and seafood meal caught that morning or a traditional Sardinian barbecue, to partake in a Sardinian meal is a moment in time that will remain a memory for a lifetime. After taking a bite of lamb that has been browning over myrtle embers for eight hours, slicing into a tomato slowly matured under the Sardinian sun or alternating bites of pecorino cheese with sips of hearty Cannonou red wine, you understand quickly just how much the natives value genuine food and the joy in sharing it with others.

After four days and three nights exploring Sardinia’s enchanting wilderness, we return to the Hotel Mediterraneo and relax beachside in the quaint coastal village of Santa Maria Navaresse. The next three days you can take pleasure in the perfect blend of Sardinian life. Enjoy free time to explore and experience the island as you please and to partake in a cooking class that involves preparing and eating lunch with Sardinian women. The meal includes “culurgionis,” the most sought out pasta of Ogliastra, suckling pig, fresh garden vegetables and fruit, sebadas for desert followed by an espresso and a sip of mirto, a Sardinian after dinner drink. Other activities include visits to the local winery and La Grotta Su Marmuri, the islands largest and most mysterious cave.

Island Spirit Adventures offers the complete Sardinian experience. Come to know the true spirit of the island through its landscapes, the sea, and most importantly its people, their energy and rhythm.

To travel with Island Spirit Adventures is easy and affordable. See for dates, prices and how to make this adventure of a lifetime possible for you!

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