focaccia & bread

focaccia & bread

from the oven to the table

a tradition of bread

As in other parts of Italy, Sardinia has its own speciality bread types that are particular to the region. As well as bread though there are many focaccias and tortes that can be enjoyed that are particular to certain areas.
A speciality of Sardinian bakers are intricate sculptures that are made from bread for festivities. During weddings crowns of this delicately crafted bread are made to sit on the heads of young children.
Baking of bread in the home is usually something that is enjoyed by families in Sardinia at times of festivities and the bread will usually be cooked in wood burning ovens that gives the bread a distinctive flavour.
In the sub menu on the left you will find some recipes for various traditional Sardinian breads, focaccias and tortes.

the miracle of bread

Why has our poetry eschewed

The rapture and response of food?

What hymns are sung and praises said

For the home-made miracle of bread?

Louis Untermeyer (1885-1977)

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