Festa del Redentore

The festival of the Redentore in Nuoro has been going since 1901 when the 7 metre high bronze statue of the Redeemer was placed on the granite altar in Mount Ortobene, after the location had been chosen as one of the 20 places to erect the statue by pope Leone III in the occasion of the 1900 Jubilee. A festive, colourful and lively procession of folkloristic groups wearing the traditional Sardinian gowns and led by a cart and carriage takes place in Nuoro on the Sunday preceding the 29th of August. The best groups are selected by a jury for the final competition on the 29th of August when they exhibit with dance and music. The religion celebrations take place on the morning of the 29th when the worshippers gather at the cathedral from where they embark on the pilgrimage to the statue of the Redeemer in the woods of Mount Ortobene. For the people from Nuoro the pilgrimage and the celebrations around the statue in the woods represent the core of the festival.

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