Costa Rei Travel Guide

South of Capo Ferrato, Costa Rei consists of long stretches of white sandy beaches and of small inlets that are blocked by granite rocks; the cobalt blue sea can take on many shades of blue. From the small bay of Porto Pirastu, which being repaired from the wind in the past was an ideal landing place, you can reach Piscina Rei where there is the megalithic complex that shows the presence of man in the territory from the Late Neolithic. Proceed further and you will find Monte Nai with the important tourist centre looking over the beach that overlooks the whole coast; this is the most famous tourist location of the area, with all the facilities and services necessary for a luxury holiday.

At the end of Santa Giusta Beach the large granite rock that is known by the name of Peppino’s Rock marks the southern limit of this coast; the rock is a good panoramic point whilst also being an ideal diving place.

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