carignano del sulcis

carignano del sulcis

The Sulcis region of Sardinia is located in the southwest of the island where Carignao is the most popular grape variety. The area was one of the first to be settled by the Phoenicians who with them brought a grape growing form of agriculture.
Carignano’s cultivation is concentrated in the southwestern part of the island because of its good resistance to the salt-laden winds blowing in from the sea.

Red Wine
Grapes – Carignano 95%, bovaleddu 5%.
Vineyard – Santadi
Tasting – Colour: Deep ruby red, light garnet tinges. Nose: Rare, complex notes: plums and blueberries, sweet spices, bay, juniper, tobacco and chocolate. Palate: rich, warm, mellow, fruity and spicy notes, suave tannins.

Suggestions for use – Excellent with roasted or grilled meat and game, aromatic, spicy dishes and herb-flavoured cheeses. Very large goblet with medium-wide rim, serving temperature 18 °C
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