calamari imbottiti

calamari imbottiti

Stuffed squid

stuffedsquid - Villa Rental Sardinia


Serves 4
1 kg of medium sized squid
4-5 fresh anchovies
2 eggs
2 cloves of garlic
80g of breadcrumbs
10 bay leaves
A bunch of parsley
Dry white wine
Salt and pepper
Extra virgin olive oil


Before you begin you must prepare and clean the squid. The easiest way to do this is under a running tap. Remove the tentacles and set to one side then discard the inner sac and be sure to remove the piece of cartilage that runs along the length of the squid. When you are finished you should be left with clean soft squid sacks. Roughly chop the tentacles and place in a bowl

Clean the anchovies under a running tap and discard the heads and bones. Separate the fillets chop and add to the bowl with the squid tentacles. Now beat the eggs and add them to the bowl with the chopped garlic some chopped parsley, breadcrumbs, salt and pepper and finally some extra virgin olive oil. Mix together.

Stuff the squid with your mix and close with toothpicks. Once you have prepared all of the squid place in an oven dish with about a glass of white wine, season with salt and pepper and cook in a pre heated oven at 180°C for about 40 minutes. During the cooking time baste regularly with the juices adding more wine if necessary. Turn the squid halfway through cooking.

Serve hot garnished with bay leaves and accompanied by a glass of the same white wine that you cooked the squid in.

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