Buggerru is set on a suggestive gorge with a slight slope towards the sea where there is a very well equipped small harbour and the beach of Buggerru set between two impressive rocky promontories. The village is surrounded by mountains covered with historical ruins that tell of the mineral past of this tiny village that once upon a time used to be at the centre of the exports of precious minerals such as the black obsidian to the whole of Europe.

Old mines out of use, beautiful caves and tunnels have been turned into tourist attractions. In particular the Henry Tunnel, the most important gallery of the plant of “Planu Sartu”, is worth a visit for the magnificent views from its paths carved out of the rock and from the tunnels overlooking the bay where visitors can enjoy the breathtaking scenery. From there the carts full of minerals used to be transported to the washeries via an advanced rail track system, especially built to facilitate and speed up the process.

Buggerru, quiet and sleepy in winter, comes to life during the summer months. There are in fact many forms of entertainment to please everyone, from surf to diving, windsurf to sailing, excursions via land and by boat and the many traditional festivals.

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