Bosa is a charming town set on the Temo river valley near the sea overviewed by the Serravalle Castle, from where the houses of the Medieval centre develop descending to the Temo river bank. Bosa is the only river side town in the whole of Sardinia.

The river is very deeply connected to the tradition and history of the town. It is thanks to the fertility of its soil and its position that Bosa was inhabited since ancient times, the territory is in fact scattered with historical monuments like the Serravalle Castle, which was built by the Malaspina family in the XII century.

On the 15th of August there is a procession by boat in honour of Our Lady the Protector of the Sea, a row of boats carrying the statue of the Virgin Mary on the river all accompanied by singing and an aura of myth, it is spectacular to watch. Bosa is also famous for the Carneval Celebrations that take place in February and are amongst the most characteristic in Sardinia. A more recent area is Bosa Marina, the extension of the town on the coast.

Bosa Marina beach is a long and deep stretch of sand and is very well served with all tourist facilities, pedalo and rubber dinghy hire, jet-ski and even a windsurfing club. There are also many bars on and off the beach, hotels and lovely restaurants where to enjoy the local cuisine based on fish and seafood accompanied by a glass of the Malvasia, Bosa’s lovely wine .

Bosa is situated in the Planargia flatlands on the Northwest coast; to get there you can drive along the panoramic road from Alghero, where you will find many little coves where to stop and enjoy the scenery.

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