Alghero Via Crucis

Easter week in Italy is a time of evocative festivals and parades that recall the death of Christ. Transcending time and trends these often painful re-enactments of Christ’s passion are played out on the street with all onlookers taking the part of the crowds who accompanied Jesus through his last tragic hours. These via crucis (literally way of the cross) processions take place all over the country.

The Via Crucis parade in Alghero is one of the most dramatic in all of Italy. The street lights are covered with red muslin to create an even more dramatic environment and the costumes go along way to creating the mood of the event. Making a path through the cobble stone streets of Alghero the procession is watched by thousands of onlookers.

Via Crucis takes place on good Friday in the old town centre and is merely part of a whole host of events to mark Easter weekend.

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